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ChopChop Features

A simple, efficient, and cost-effective digital loyalty system for your business.

customization loyalty cards campaigns

Customization of Loyalty Cards and Campaigns

Customize loyalty programs using stamp/punch card (visit-based), points (spend- based), birthday programs, voucher programs, and gift card programs to suit the needs of different customers. Allow customization of loyalty card appearance to match a business’s branding.

Dashboard & Data Tacking

Collect statistics on the performance of each campaign/branch and customer to gain insights on customer behavior and campaign effectiveness.

dashboard & database tracking
full customer database

Full Customer Database

Keep track of each customer behavior and engagement with the program over time, allowing businesses to make data- driven decisions to enhance the customer experience and drive growth.

Admin Managements

Create separate campaigns, branches, operators with different role to ensure efficient and effective management.
admin managements
retaining lapsed customers

Retaining Lapsed Customers

Engage with customers who have not used the program recently. This can be achieved through the use of automated messages or rewards sent to loyalty members who haven’t used their stamps or benefits in a certain period of time, encouraging them to return and continue engaging with your brand.

Seamless Joining of New Member

Offers a hassle-free sign-up process without requiring a mobile app download, allowing new members to easily join and enjoy the benefits of the program through a simple and user-friendly web interface by business operator.
seamless joining new member

Frequently Asked Questions

As low as $5.99 only per month. For more detailed pricing, please refer to pricing table.

Setting up a digital loyalty campaign is swift and easy and usually less than 20 minutes.

Yes, you can create more than 1 campaigns with different form for different loyalty promotions.
No, customers do need to download or signup to join. Loyalty rewards can be awarded just by simple phone number.
Yes, there is a mobile app for customers to track all their loyalty rewards. However, it is not required for them to download to join loyalty program.
All you need to to is just key in customers phone number and customers joined your loyalty program within seconds.
Yes, multiple loyalty campaigns can be running simultaneously.
Yes, every purchases and visit of customer can be tracked and reports can be generated.

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